English Menu



  • Chicken-breast salad  (mixed salad,tomato,mais,pineaple,croutons,cocktail sauce)
  • Gourmet  salad(mixed salad,cherrys,goat cheese,raisins,walnuts, with balsamic cream)
  • Tomato and Mozzarela salad with raspberry vinaigrette
  • Onion soup (gratinated with cheese)
  • Tomato soup
  • Prawn cocktail
  • Gratinated mussels ( with wine, herb-butter and cheese)
  • Mussels in tomato sauce
  • Gazpacho andaluz
  • 6 Snails with herb-butter
  • Vegetables millefeuille
  • Valencian salad ( mixed salad with tuna)
  • Garibaldi salad(lettuce,tomato,mais,cheese,beetroots,carrots,hardboiled,egg, ham,cucumber,asparagus,onions)
  • Battered squids
  • Beef carpaccio
  • Salmon carpaccio  
  • Tuna carpaccio
  • Cheese plate (emmental,manchego,camembert,roquefort with red sauce)


  • Chicken-breast with mustard sauce,rice or rosti   
  • Pork filet in brandy-cream and side dish
  • Pork filet in estragon-cream and side dish
  • Pork filet in port-wine-cream,raisins,pine nuts and side dish
  • Pork filet skewer and side dish
  • Roast leg of lamb, with green beans,sauce and side dish 
  • Osso Buco (italian specialty).

Beef clone in the oven,sauce of tomateo,vegetables and wine,and side dish

  • Pork spare-ribs from the oven in barbecue-sauce and side dish
  • Entrecote Green pepper cream with french fries
  • Entrecote maitre d’hotel (herb butter) and french fries
  • Entrecote roquefort cream with french fries
  • Sirloin steak with red wine-mushrooms-sauce and rosti
  • Side dish: rice or french fries


  • Sole nature with french fries
  • Sole Caribe (sole filet in curry and fruit sauce) with rice
  • Grilled prawns
  • Battered squids


  • Jacked potato
  • French fries
  • Garlic bread
  • Bread-alioli/bread-butter


  • Margarita-tomato,cheese,oregano
  • Hawaiana- tomato,cheese,oregano,jam,pineapple
  • Vesubio-tomato,cheese,oregano,jam,mushrooms
  • Calabacin- tomato,cheese,oregano,zucchini
  • Tonno-tomato,cheese,oregano,tuna,onions
  • Americana- tomato,cheese,oregano,bacon,egg
  • Especiale-tomato,cheese,oregano,spanish sausage,onions
  • Primavera-tomato,cheese,oregano, mushrooms,onions,pepper, artichokes,olives
  • Brócoli- tomato,cheese,oregano,brócoli,spinach,artichokes
  • Cuatro Estaciones-tomato,cheese,oregano,anchovies,salami, olives, mushrooms
  • De Mare- tomato,cheese,oregano,prawns,tuna,mussels
  • Serrano- tomato,cheese,oregano,jam serrano
  • Bolonesa-tomato,cheese,oregano,onions,minced meat
  • 4 Quesos-tomato,oregano,Edam,blue cheese,mozzarela,emmental
  • Garibaldi-tomato,cheese,oregano,jam,salami,artochokes,hot pepper, mushrooms,olives,pepper
  • Campesina- tomato,cheese,oregano,spinach,egg,black sausage,almond
  • Chili con carne-tomato,cheese,oregano,minced meat,sweet corn,red beans,chili
  • Cherry- tomate,cheese,oregano,cherry,prawns,frech basil
  • Barbacoatomato,cheese,oregano,minced meat,oinions, chicken-breast-strips   and barbecue sauce

All pizzas can be served with any ingredients of the menu, supplement 1 €


  • Bacon-creme fraiche(lighly soured cream),bacon,onions 
  • Salmón- creme fraiche(lighly soured cream), salmon,leek,dill tips
  • Vegetalcreme fraiche(lighly soured cream),green asparagus,zucchini,mushrooms, cherry tomato,herbes de provence


  • Lasagna with minced meat-sauce   
  • Lasagna with salmon,spinach     
  • Pasta GLUTEN FREE              

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